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Research paper on object oriented programming Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

On object oriented programming - Research Paper Example Procedural paradigm comprises of creating a set of functions or modules and is sometimes referred to as a modular approach. As compared to this, in an object oriented approach, related data and functions are grouped together in order to create objects. Data items are termed as attributes and functions are termed as behaviors in an object oriented paradigm. Their encapsulation through a mechanism furnishes a blue print for an object which is referred to as a ‘class’. It is like a script of a movie or a recipe of a dish. An object Oriented approach towards the creation of a program is based upon the identification of objects at first. The three main principles that lie at the core of Object Oriented Programming are encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. An object is a separate instance of a class. It is a combination of data and methods. A class may contain multiple objects. Objects may be composed of smaller objects and the features of basic objects can be inherited into the specialized objects of the same tree. These objects can be used or invoked only through their allowed interfaces that are methods. They may interact with each other by means of these interfaces. Inheritance is the phenomenon whereby which an object inherits the basic properties of the class to which it belongs. The object oriented programs are more secure than the programs written with the procedural approach. The reason is the restricted access of data through encapsulation. The object oriented programs may take more time due to object creation delay as compared to the normal programs. Practical present day examples of Object oriented languages are narrated by Emden and Somoson (2006) as: â€Å"Pizza and GJava are examples of Multi-Paradigm Object Oriented Programming Languages.† Besides these, C++ is also a strong object oriented programming

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Discrimination Managing Equal Opportunity Essay

Discrimination Managing Equal Opportunity - Essay Example Be it slavery of the Jews in Rome, and the native Blacks in Africa or the modern day accepted practice of unnecessary portrayal of men/women in advertisements for a product targeted for the opposite sex. (ex: An all women and no man advertisement for selling a product for men, like undergarments, etc. and the man himself is missing in the advt. keeps one guessing for whom it is!). Although the perception of discrimination varies individually as widely as the individual characteristics themselves, the idea of a prejudiced or unfair treatment itself indicates a lack of understanding of the needs and desires of an individual. It even indicates a selfish and indifferent behavior of some. And just as one can find people of different kinds, forms, ethnicity, habits, gender, age, religion, etc. so are there as many grounds for discrimination for those who afford to discriminate. But, every problem brings with it a solution and hence the issue of discriminating also can be combated by making the necessary regulations for conduct by one and all. And also, care should be taken as not to encroach upon an individual's rights, as humanly as possible. These regulations in general are to be formulated and implemented strictly by the governing authorities, to bring about a change by a little coercion. One such revolutionary regulation that paved the way for women cadets in the Citadel is in the case of Shannon Faulkner who aspired to wear the Citadel ring (Genovese, 2). While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that 'employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin is prohibited' (Unlawful Employment Practices, par.1), Miss Faulkner's aspirations to join the Citadel were curbed by her exclusion from among the cadets. This was with complete indifference to the rights of Miss Faulkner. Her qualification for enrolling into the Citadel as an able and competent individual was not considered judiciously by the authorities concerned. While 'conservatives believed that the biological differences between men and women justify the exclusion of women from male enclaves' (Genovese, 1), the radical democrats vehemently defended her rights. Mrs.Genovese observes that 'public feeling for Shannon Faulkner had run high and presumably every American believed that young women cannot be denied educational and occupational opportunities on account of their sex' (2). Hence, the Citadel was forced to take an affirmative action to stop employment discrimination. A move in this direction was the Affirmative Action Plan or the Entity Plan undertaken by the Citadel. It put forth a basic outline of the positive steps to employ and advance in employment qualified minorities, women, disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam era, and persons with disabilities (Affirmative Action Plan, par. 1). The South Carolina Human Affairs Commission was also sought to co-operate in reviewing the job qualifications for the eligible persons and adopt new procedures as and when formulated. Some of the procedures adopted to ensure an affirmative action are- 1. To make available to all members of the Citadel and to the local community the affirmative action plan clearly by way of copies of the plan, statements by its administrative officer's, brochures, manuals, campus publications, etc. 2.

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Good transportation Essay Example for Free

Good transportation Essay Of all the countries of the earth, there are developed and developing countries. Of the developed nations, one of them stands out as the superpower: it is the United States of America, the place of untied people or more than one race defending the sanity of their environment, and extending her good will to other nations that need them. It is the leader of other countries in military power and strength. United States of America is made up of many states that run a democratic system of government, which forms the western civilisation that people talk about. This nation is a great nation, and I like it. My main point through this article is that this country is better than others. I do have reasons for this theme. I do not think that there is any nation that is greater than America; it is better than other countries in many respects. Let me start with one of them: the people are good. Americans are people of more than one race: there are Hispanics, Black-American, and from other nations of the earth. If the people of America are not friendly, they would not be accommodating to everyone. They are ready to help when you are in need. And they also appreciate good people, skills and relationship. I am happy about this: that is why I say that they are good people. Besides, the people are open, straightforward and sincere. I have found these traits to be good and pleasant since I arrived in America. It is good to be nice. Apart from the good relationships you can build with Americans because they are nice, the education system is also good. There are many schools, high schools and colleges, and they teach the pupils and students very well. That is why many people from other parts of the world come to America to study and they return to improve their country. There are also research institutes that do studies to improve things in the world. They produce many new things that are useful every where. This is another reason I like USA. There is also order. I believe this is so because to monitor can work well. This order is shown by people when they obey traffic rules. Even when the Police is not around, people wait and obey rules. This is not the situation in other countries of the world. I have been impressed about this a lot. This orderliness has made it possible to protect people from haters of freedom. The transportation system is also very good: the road does not have port holes; it does not usually have traffic; apart from the road, the water and air transport systems are also good. USA is the home of democracy. As a result, there is practice of human rights. There is freedom of religion, communication, and interactions. You are free to make your opinion on any issues. This makes the place very good. As a Christian, I am not disturbed because of who I am. And other people can be Muslims, traditional worshippers, and even other things. People are free to do whatever they like do for themselves. You can be gay, or lesbian. This is the extent of freedom. You can even the Bill Gate and a great writer. The good government of USA is also very good. There is freedom to choose the right person to lead you through an election. I like it this way because you can see the people you like and make them lead you. This is good too for a country. This is the reason other countries chose democracy. It also has a good police force. There are some that respond when you call 911. They come to rescue you from problem you are facing. Some are also on the road, they help to maintain traffic. They stop those who drive to fast, and can charge them to court. The Police is also looking for criminals, and they want to catch them and charge to court. This police have men and women, and they work together well. There is also a group that responds to riots. Apart from the security here, there is also the military. They go to wars like Afghanistan, Iraq. They help to protect the large country from those that want to invade without notice. This is another thing why America is great. Good transportation, government, nice people, hard work police, the military, order is every where in America. This is why America is the greatest and I like it.

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Beauty And The Beast :: essays research papers

Have you ever heard something go thump in the night? Do you believe in monsters? In the movies "Beauty and the Beast" and "E.T.", the monster like characters the captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. They both involve two characters that are thrusted into lifestyles that they are not used to. The beast and E.T were both unique creatures, had close relationships with humans, and were great works of fiction. In both stories, "Beauty and the Beast" and "E.T.", the main characters are unique creatures are forced into a human society, which does not always accept them for who they are. Society, in general, is against both creatures; school children tease and mock Elliot about his new extra-terrestrial friend, and the townsfolk in "Beauty and the Beast" attempt to kill the Beast for not being human. Nobody relates to either character, seeing as they are both â€Å"freaks† in their respective time periods and locations. Nobody accepts them as being different; both characters are thrown out of society like a couple of lepers for not being like everybody else. Also, they are both in unique situations, the Beast because he used to be a human, and was turned into an evil beast by a magic spell, and E.T. was from another planet, and had no intention of ever coming to earth or meeting Elliot. Both characters are very unique in the society in which they were thrust, and neither one has anyone like him to go to or latch onto for understanding and support. Both the Beast and E.T. found one person on earth who accepts them for who they are. Although the Beast captures Belle, she learns to love him and understand his situation; she becomes his one true friend in a society which hates him for who what they think he is. Elliot discovered E.T. in his closet, and due to the fact he had no other real friends, naturally accepted the alien. From their initial meeting, E.T. and Elliot became the closest of friends in the film; in fact Elliot was E.T.’s only human friend. Other than those two humans, nobody else attempts to understand where either creature comes from, and as a result, no one befriends them. In addition, both E.T. and the Beast come from great works of fiction, having no fact behind their stories but both being created for no purpose other than pure entertainment.

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Economics Paper Essay

1: Define the term ‘equilibrium price’: The price at which quantity demanded by consumers and the quantity of goods and services supplied by firms is the same. 3: With the help of an appropriate diagram and the information in extract B, explain why the world price of sugar changed in 2009: The price of sugar rose to $0.40 per kilo in 2009 – this is shown in the extract as it states that in 2009 prices in New York and London rose by 52% to its highest in almost three years. The diagram below shows how the inward shift of supply caused by poor crop harvests and India’s %40 fall in output of sugar affected the price of sugar due to its scarcity, leading to the %52 rise in price of sugar. Another factor that could have had an effect on the price of sugar would have been in 2008 there were poor crop harvests that year – this led to a low level of supply in 2008 which raised the price of sugar due to its scarcity. This poor harvest would have had something to do with the land quality –this may have affected the harvest in 2009. Supply constraints also had an effect, as due heavy rainfall the Columbian crop was damaged – the rain also washed away some of the roads used to transport the products from the field to the market. So whatever crop the farmers managed to save from the rain was then prevented from reaching market, this would have contributed to the price rise in a way similar to the diagram above. India is a main producer of sugar, so much so that its sugar output is a critical factor in determining the world price of sugar. India’s output was forecast to fall by %40 so only 15million tonnes of sugar would have been produced in the growing season – this is well below India’s sugar consumption of 23million tonnes a year. This would mean that India wouldn’t be inclined to export much of its sugar as there’s already a deficit of supply in its own country. Although, with this large fall in supply there’ll most likely be a rise in sugar price in India – the people may not be willing or able to pay the new price so whatever amount of sugar is leftover could be exported, at a price which would lead to the %52 rise in London and New York sugar prices.

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5 Benefits You Can Get From Intramural Sports in College

Many campuses have intramural sports teams — teams that arent eligible for athletic scholarships, arent as competitive as other sports on campus and generally take anyone who wants to join. Like many co-curricular activities, joining an intramural team can take a lot of time and energy — something that tends to be in short supply for busy college students — but if its something you think youd enjoy, it very well could be worth the commitment: A variety of studies have found there are great benefits to playing intramural sports.   1. Intramurals Are an Amazing Stress  Reliever Youll have no shortage of stress in college: exams, group projects, roommate drama, computer problems — you name it. With all that going on, its sometimes hard to fit fun into your calendar. Because intramural competitions have a set schedule, youre practically forced to set aside time to run around with your friends. Even for the most intense of intramural players, a little friendly competition should be a nice change of pace from the classroom and assignment deadlines. 2. They Provide Great Exercise While most college students would like to go to the gym on a regular basis, few actually do. With a predetermined time already in your schedule, your workout is more likely to happen. Youre also held accountable to show up by your teammates. In addition, the time will pass quicker than if you were alone in the gym. And you know that feeling when youre working out and you just want to cut the gym session short? You cant quite do that during a game. Team sports are a great way to push yourself — that can be hard to do when youre working out alone.   3. Theyre a Great Way to Meet People You may be getting used to seeing similar people in the courses for your major, in your residence hall or at the events you go to on campus. Intramurals can be a great way to meet students that you may not otherwise run into. In fact, you dont necessarily need to know anyone to join an intramural team, so signing up can quickly expand your social circle. 4. There Can Be Leadership  Opportunities Every team needs a captain, right? If youre looking to build your resume or test out your leadership skills, intramural teams can be a great place to start. 5. Its One of the Few Things Youll Do Just for Fun A lot of things you do in college probably have very specific goals and purposes: taking a class to meet a requirement, doing an assignment to get good grades, working to pay for school, etc. But you dont need to assign a purpose to intramural sports. After all, its flag football — youre not making a career out of it. Join a team because itll be fun. Go out and play just because you  can.

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2 Type Of Diabetes - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1843 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/05/07 Category Health Essay Level High school Topics: Diabetes Essay Did you like this example? Diabetes is one of many leading causes of death. Even though type 2 can be preventable it tends to keep rising throughout these years. Throughout this essay I will explain diabetes and causes of this disease, as well as how to avoid diabetes and what you can do to be healthier. This disease has caused an unfortunate long-standing metabolic disorder which results in high blood sugar, and shortage of insulin. Since the body is unable to handle the insulin the way it supposed to it causes you to feel weak. Some of the common symptoms of type 2 diabetes is consistently having the need to urinate, you tend to become thirsty, and sometimes you tend to lose weight. Other symptoms may be an immense desire to eat, feeling tired. Long-term system can be strokes, high blood sugar, heart disease, kidney failure and last but not least blindness. When there is reduced blood flow in your body amputations may be required. In the article The Lancet it says, Between 1980 and 2004, the global rise in obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and an ageing population have quadrupled the incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes. (Chatterjee, 2017) In 2015 diabetes has been one of the high demands in need of disability due to high numbers increasing of type 2 diabetes. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "2 Type Of Diabetes" essay for you Create order Many people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is overwhelming increasing each year and is causing an extensive socioeconomic difficulty to each person who is diagnosed with. Not only is this disorder deadly but its costs are estimated around $825 billion and is crushing our global health economics. Knowing how much money is being used for just type 2 diabetes and also being aware that this disorder is the second leading cause of preventable deaths is devasting to understand. Its difficult for me to understand how someone who becomes diagnosed with this disorder refuses to change his/her lifestyle around. I refuse to understand that people are perfectly okay with checking their sugar on an hourly basis and injecting themselves with insulin or taking medication. Changing your eating habits and drinking water, exercising can prevent you from being obese and getting diabetes; ultimately, its your body and your decision in what you chose to eat. Since type 2 diabetes can be preventable and cost effective to people who are at high risk. Losing weight is an alternative, such as diet and exercise. About 16% of people aged over 60 years have impaired fasting glucose. (Pierce, 2013) Diagnosing individuals whom have not yet been identified with diabetes is one step into preventing. One way to identify someone at risk of having this disease is being screened VSP. The Vascular Screening Program is a screening done every 5 years for people at ages 40 to 74 years old. Each individual will do a standard evaluation and will be checked with a blood test for their cholesterol levels and sometimes for glucose levels. Depending on the outcome proper action will be acquired. Obesity can affect the young, the middle aged and the elderly which can result in Diabetes. White folks over the age of 40 are recommended to get tested every 5 years for diabetes. Individuals whom are from ethnic minority groups are required to get tested from ages 25. Ages between 25 and 40 are considered at high risk of getting diabetes. Obesity plays a big role in the elderly, which results in Type 2 diabetes becomes generally common. In this article, Obesity should not be viewed as a cosmetic problem that affects a few individuals, but a major health hazard that is both preventable and amenable to treatment, (Obesity Pathogenesis, 2013) The elderly is diagnosed with diabetes at a much later age than children. Most elderly folks are used to regular exercise and eating healthy. Although some of the elderly who are diagnosed with diabetes are African Americans and Hispanics. Due to their upbringings they have been accustomed to either eating healthy or non-healthy meals. With the proper guidance and learning the importance of the deadly disorder the elderly is motivated in curing themselves. In the year 2015 it was projected that around 415 million people were going to have diabetes. About 90% of those individuals had type 2 diabetes and it was estimated that in 2040 around 642 million people were going to continuously be diagnosed or have diabetes. Black and Latinos have a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. Although many of us are aware changing our eating habits and implementing exercise in our life can decrease or eliminate diabetes for good. Nonetheless, Black and Latinos have a disadvantage due to being poor, limited in the amount of food they have, or simply not implementing fruits and vegetables in their diet. Living in minority communities results in having more access to unhealthy nourishments and less access to nutritious foods which it tends to connect to diabetes. Families whom have been diagnosed with diabetes in low-income communities benefit from programs that offer healthy meals. The geographical region says, 80% of patients living in low-to-middle-income countries, but the overall trend is an increase in diabetes prevalence in every country since 1980 and intensive lifestyle modification, pharmacotherapy, or both can reverse or delay development of type 2 diabetes. (Chatterjee, 2017) Notorious meals in low income or minority individuals explain how the cost of food causes frustration which leads to unhealthy meals. Not only is the cost of foods frustrating but transportation, lack of knowledge in healthy meals and one main barrier are communication since many of low-income families are immigrants and cant speak the language. These residents are limited to stores that offer healthy foods, and many of those residents have diabetes. Around 40% of low-income families say that there incapable to pay for healthy meals, and 39% are unable to cook or shop for the proper meals that will help them have a healthier lifestyle. Based on those studies it shows that this does not apply to urban areas. That being said, if low income families such as blacks and Latinos have higher risk of being obsessed and having diabetes then there should be more programs offered to them. These communities need to implement fewer fast foods places and offer more farmer markers. It seems as if cheeseburgers are a lot cheaper than buying a salad. Why is that? How is this even allowed? Having less individuals being diagnosed with diabetes will ultimately mean less money being used for treatment of diabetes which will help our social economic system. Compared with people who do not have diabetes, patients with type 2 diabetes have a 15% increased risk of all-cause mortality, which is twice as high in young people, and in those who are younger than 55 years of age and have a concentration of glycated hemoglobin. (Chatterjee, 2017) The United States has noticed an interest with socioeconomic condition with immigrants and their health status and health care needs and well as their health care system. Immigrants tends to have a healthier lifestyles or good health which is referred to immigrant health paradox. Immigrants have superior health and higher mortality than native born. Most immigrants who enter our country come with good health. Immigrants are used to discrimination and handling such painful experience and are able to juggle such problems and not allow that to affect your day, health, life. For example, In fact, much of the evidence supports immigrant selection for good health and lower mortality rates than those of the native-born population which often has been termed an immigrant health paradox (Markides,2018). Immigrants tend to exercise and walk on a daily basis due to being one unable to afford a vehicle, two walking can become more convenient and freer. They are less likely to become addicted to drugs because its financially a hurdle for them. Not only are they healthier but they tend to live longer than native American and are also less likely of getting a disease. Chronic complications of type 2 diabetes should not be taken lightly. Your likely to develop cardiovascular disease as well as loss of eyesight, also limb amputations. These unfortunate complications are caused by not taking care of yourself and not eating healthy. Even though type 2 diabetes has been increasing and has been causing a problem in children and adolescents. As the U.S. population becomes increasingly overweight, however, the percentage of children with immune-mediated type 1 diabetes who are obese is increasing. As many as 24% may be overweight at the time of diagnosis. Children with immune-mediated diabetes usually have a short duration of symptoms and frequently have ketosis; 30â€Å"40% have ketoacidosis at presentation (Association, 2018). Immigrant children whom migrate to the U.S at a young age are more likely to live a shorter life spam than immigrant adolescent because they are having a much more healthier life style than U.S raised immigrants. For example, researchers have found that the share of adolescents who are overweight or obese, a key indicator of physical health, is lowest for foreign-born youth, but these shares grow larger for each generation and increase rapidly as youth transition into adulthood (Ornelas, 2018). Immigrant children have a health advantage than native American or U.S citizens. In America we are surrounded by non-healthy meals and most of our foods are filled with hormones due to high demand of food. Unlike immigrants everything is home grown and natural and organic which is a reason why they are much healthier. Even though beans and tortillas are not that healthy but compared to mc Donalds it has more fiber and whole grains and much more beneficial than fast foods. For Instance, in less developed countries, the prevalence of excessive weight (overweight and obesity) tends to increase with socioeconomic status higher incomes are associated with the adoption of high- calorie diets and an increase in sedentary activities such as watching television. Thus, low-income children who migrate from these countries are more likely to be at risk of malnutrition and stunting than of being overweight (Ornelas, 2018). In sum, type 2 diabetes can be prevented and cured. The gastric by-pass surgery has been used to normalize your blood glucose. The Counterpoint study shows that in 10 of 11 people with diabetes an 8-week 600 kcal per day diet resulted in normalization of glucose levels. After 12 weeks of normal diet, glucose tolerance was normal in four, impaired glucose tolerance in three, and diabetic but improved control in three.15 Both bariatric surgery and very low calorie diets produce rapid substantial weight loss with dramatic reduction of fat (triacylglycerol) stores in the pancreas and liver. The Counterpoint Study not only demonstrated very low-calorie diets can produce weight losses similar to those of bariatric surgery (pierce, 2013). With proper care of what you eat and implementing exercise on a daily will reduce your chance of getting diabetes or reducing that horrible disease. Even though its difficult to eat healthy due to high demands of food and how majority of foods have hormones it is affecting our body. Ultimately the government should change our food chain system to reduce the amount of people having diabetes or even becoming obese. Until then as the people we have to continue to fight this unfortunate battle and make sure we live a healthier life not only to fight diseases such as diabetes but also for ourselves.