Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Good transportation Essay Example for Free

Good transportation Essay Of all the countries of the earth, there are developed and developing countries. Of the developed nations, one of them stands out as the superpower: it is the United States of America, the place of untied people or more than one race defending the sanity of their environment, and extending her good will to other nations that need them. It is the leader of other countries in military power and strength. United States of America is made up of many states that run a democratic system of government, which forms the western civilisation that people talk about. This nation is a great nation, and I like it. My main point through this article is that this country is better than others. I do have reasons for this theme. I do not think that there is any nation that is greater than America; it is better than other countries in many respects. Let me start with one of them: the people are good. Americans are people of more than one race: there are Hispanics, Black-American, and from other nations of the earth. If the people of America are not friendly, they would not be accommodating to everyone. They are ready to help when you are in need. And they also appreciate good people, skills and relationship. I am happy about this: that is why I say that they are good people. Besides, the people are open, straightforward and sincere. I have found these traits to be good and pleasant since I arrived in America. It is good to be nice. Apart from the good relationships you can build with Americans because they are nice, the education system is also good. There are many schools, high schools and colleges, and they teach the pupils and students very well. That is why many people from other parts of the world come to America to study and they return to improve their country. There are also research institutes that do studies to improve things in the world. They produce many new things that are useful every where. This is another reason I like USA. There is also order. I believe this is so because to monitor can work well. This order is shown by people when they obey traffic rules. Even when the Police is not around, people wait and obey rules. This is not the situation in other countries of the world. I have been impressed about this a lot. This orderliness has made it possible to protect people from haters of freedom. The transportation system is also very good: the road does not have port holes; it does not usually have traffic; apart from the road, the water and air transport systems are also good. USA is the home of democracy. As a result, there is practice of human rights. There is freedom of religion, communication, and interactions. You are free to make your opinion on any issues. This makes the place very good. As a Christian, I am not disturbed because of who I am. And other people can be Muslims, traditional worshippers, and even other things. People are free to do whatever they like do for themselves. You can be gay, or lesbian. This is the extent of freedom. You can even the Bill Gate and a great writer. The good government of USA is also very good. There is freedom to choose the right person to lead you through an election. I like it this way because you can see the people you like and make them lead you. This is good too for a country. This is the reason other countries chose democracy. It also has a good police force. There are some that respond when you call 911. They come to rescue you from problem you are facing. Some are also on the road, they help to maintain traffic. They stop those who drive to fast, and can charge them to court. The Police is also looking for criminals, and they want to catch them and charge to court. This police have men and women, and they work together well. There is also a group that responds to riots. Apart from the security here, there is also the military. They go to wars like Afghanistan, Iraq. They help to protect the large country from those that want to invade without notice. This is another thing why America is great. Good transportation, government, nice people, hard work police, the military, order is every where in America. This is why America is the greatest and I like it.

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