Sunday, August 25, 2019

Business Professional Interview Question Assignment Essay - 1

Business Professional Interview Question Assignment - Essay Example He felt an atmosphere of wonder himself and confessed that what struck him the most was the manner by which the crew delivered personalized customer service. Ihsan: In my observation, there exists a sense of responsibility in everyone and my immediate subordinates talk to me with comfort. Often, they move with unreserved behavior of showing their real concerns as much as all the others act similarly for the sake of healthy relations. Ihsan: As far as I can recall, yes. There was a time when in about two quarters, the restaurant was infrequently visited by customers, the reason being that a nearby store launched a new interesting item in their menu, one similar to our fish fillet meal which caught the attention of many. Somehow, this incident led us to cut costs with certain resources and about three of the anticipated promotions were on pending status. Ihsan: I discuss with them future plans of growth for the company so that I can stimulate their imagination toward the brighter positive side of things. This way, I believe that they can visualize opportunities and be guided back to their original drive or passion for work. Actually, I have also tried giving my potential workers a treat in a fancy restaurant and in my favorite vacation spot where I gathered them for a light chat. Those who nearly decided to leave normally delight and look for more bonding moments especially when I narrate my inspiring account of Albaik’s humble beginnings and the philosophies I have lived by to keep the business in the mainstream. Ihsan: Yes I would. I think that is one great way of getting to know my people better. However, besides the reward system, I would equivalently bring up discussion of issues that deserve sanction to be fair and

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