Wednesday, August 28, 2019

International Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

International Marketing - Essay Example The company acquired Land Rover in the year 2000 from BMW and Jaguar cars in the year 1989. Presently the company is employing more than 25000 employees. Net income of the company is ? 1.215 billion. The next portion of the study has been divided into two sections. The first section will deal with the discussion of the marketing mix for the Evoque product of Jaguar Land Rover for targeting the low end customers at the entry level. The second section deals with discussing the marketing mix of the premium Evoque product in order to target the high end customers for competing with the products like BMW X3, Audi Q5 etc. Marketing Mix of Evoque Cars of Jaguar Land Rover Marketing Mix is considered as one of the most important business tools which help in determining the four P’s involved in the planning of marketing strategy. The four P’s include Product, Price, Place and Promotions. This marketing mix will help in providing set of policies on the basis of mentioned four Pâ €™s so that it can act as an essential marketing strategy for influencing the purchase decision of the customers. The main reason behind any business’s success includes a long procedure in which achieving success depends upon marketing. The success linked to marketing depends upon different marketing strategies and all these marketing strategies include 4 P’s of marketing. The marketing mix of Evoque vehicles of Jaguar Land Rover will provide the best possible way of mentioning all the essential elements in marketing. The implementation of marketing strategies in an appropriate manner is important for the achievement of success in the operational market. The marketing mix will give the combination of various important marketing strategies planned by Jaguar Land Rover (Belohlavek, 2008). Each of the four P’s is important for planning such a marketing mix, which would be able to attract the customers easily towards the organization. It will help in determining the profit potential of Jaguar Land Rover meant for separate target segments. a) Marketing mix for targeting low end of the market Product Product means those goods or services which are provided to customers by the organizations. There are different elements connected to the products which help in attracting the customers (Masterson and Pickton, 2010; Hobbs, 2011). The Range Rover Evoque has brought sensational design to the world’s leading marques. The excellent power train technology along with the compact foot prints help in delivering high performance along with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption as compared to any other Range Rover model (Jaguar Land Rover, 2013b). The products are styled with such desirability which cannot be matched by any rival. The Evoque provides various facilities like accurate and fast steering. The ride is such that it possesses the capability of absorbing the imperfections present in the road surface. The vehicles are perfec t while exploring the city by means of power, high performance and excellent design at the finger tips. There are unique models, all present in 5 door version: Prestige, Pure and Dynamic. Only Dynamic is present in the Coupe Version. Customer research is known as one of the key elements in developing or planning the most effective marketing mix. The knowledge of an

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