Sunday, November 3, 2019

BMS forum discussion- Summary post Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

BMS forum discussion- Summary post - Essay Example The employees would be asked to give their response on several factors that leads to these problems as well as the possible ways of solving or their perception on the problem identified. Creation of departmental units that incorporates employees from various cadres in the organisation will bring the management and the employees to interact more often, a factor that is likely to break the communication barriers. Acquiring relevant information is the most important aspect of any business dealing with information management system. Data is the unprocessed piece of information while information the processed data. There are primary and secondary data; the former is collected using questionnaire when one is undertaking study, while secondary data involves using data that was collected by previous study. For instance, the organisation will depend entirely on the accounting section to provide financial data for the stakeholders and potential investors. Therefore, relevant information needs to be communicated after the auditing process to ensure its reliability. Good information must be reliable and reproducible, this can only be achieved if the one can follow the same approach used previously and obtain similar finding by repeating the entire process. The method for analysing data will depend on the variable and the expected results. If there are more than two dependent and independent variable, a multiple approach like multiple analysis of variance is appropriate, however, if the data is simple analysis of variance is appropriate. Data has one disadvantage of possible manipulation; besides, if the size is not representative it will give misleading information. The information on the other hand depends on data, hence may give misleading

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