Thursday, November 21, 2019

Synopsis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Synopsis - Movie Review Example As the discussion outlines next a pair of black men are walking down the street after a visit to a local eatery where they discuss pervasive racism in American culture yet also carjack a local district attorney and his wife. In the Cabbot’s household the couple has their locks changed owing to a fear of increased crime, yet the locksmith is a young Latino male who the wife does not trust owing to his tattoos.This paper declares that after this point a young police officer named John speaks on the telephone with his health care advisor who explains that they will not help John’s father to which he makes a racit remark to the woman. At this point John and his partner ‘Tom’ pull over a SUV and interrogate a black couple (John at this point gropes the female character which enrages and disappoints the husband). This creates a tremendous problem between the couple and stirs a serious argument about how the husband did nothing. At this point the film follows Dani el who returns home to find his daughter under the bed because she is afraid of some gunshots, which prompts the father to suggest that she need not worry as she has a ‘make belief’ bullet-proof vest.  After the racist incident, Tom request from his commanding officer that he get a transfer owing to the nature of the racist incident. To which to officer suggests Tom simpy put in a transfer owing to the possible damage the accusations could make.

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