Friday, October 18, 2019

Evaluation Tool for Qualitative Studies Discussion Research Paper

Evaluation Tool for Qualitative Studies Discussion - Research Paper Example There is a stepwise analysis of the research journals as the checklist is divided into various sub-heading, with each subheading bearing specific objectives in relevance to the research document. For instance, in section one of the checklists, internal validity of the document is scrutinized. Under this section, the relevance of the research questions and other internal factors of the research journal is analyzed. The checklist under this section uses concisely designed list of required items. Consequently, the analysis of internal validity of the document, for instance, is achieved easily. In systemic analysis and Meta-analysis, mainly two major quality assessments are carried out. The analysis carried out includes internal validity and general assessment study of the research journal. In Each section has a specific point for analysis, for instance, in the general assessment, the relevance of research on its initial objectives and purpose is determined. Internal validity assessment provides guidelines for ascertaining general factors considered in the formulation of the report journal. Based on the two main aspects of the systemic analysis, analysis of the attached document on Implementation of a strategy is carried out by critical study of the document and marking it against the specification provided in the checklist. The finding according to this analysis is that the research document is of good

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