Sunday, October 6, 2019

SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

SWOT Analysis - Essay Example Precisely, Marty and Luke presents their resort as a seasonal lodge to visitor, or rather customers. When not operational, the lodge is closed down to wait for the next spring and summer seasons. This paper take into consideration the ethical position of Marty and Luke, assuming that they duly represents valid and albeit needs of the customers in the entire society. They present this in a contraposition to untainted analysis of business. SWOT Analysis Strengths Silver Bear Lodge has very little remarkable strengths. These strengths are majorly associated with the services and operations of the resort. This implies that the quality of services offered by the Lodge would attract thousands of potential customers at an affordable cost. In addition, Silver bear Lodge has a remarkable mode of marketing that is efficient in reaching the targeted customers in the privacy of their own individual electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. The strength and potential of setting up res orts around this region has proven its might in the past few years; specifically providing services that enable it to grow at a remarkable rate thus making reasonable profits. Silver Bear lodge advertises itself through various social websites such as Facebook and Google; these are places where any interested customer can access the relevant information about this resort. Significant strengths make this new investment to boom. Weaknesses Silver Bear lodge engage a good part of its marketing with the social websites such as Facebook and Google. This kind of marketing appears to have limited the use of television sets and newspapers in that the people who are reached are only those who access Facebook and Google sites. An implication of this is a predictable limitation of growth already depicted at the birth of the business. Moreover, there are a number of ethical criticisms that emerge due to online marketing of Silver Bear Lodge. This kind of investment limits its accessibility to p eople who are technologically fit and aware of whatever is going round in the social world via the internet. Therefore, if one is not a member of these social sites, the Lodge is disadvantaged because there are thousands of people who could visit the resort when informed of its existence through other modes of marketing such as television, newspapers and even radios. A current weakness is the thorough focus on marketing tools used by various organizations to generate income and lure people into accepting their services. For instance, Facebook has become the leading site in convincing people to follow various firms. So, when Facebook buns this kind of sales generation, Silver bear lodge will be forced to come up with complicated strategies for obtaining more customers and increasing their sales. Opportunities The greatest opportunity in-line with this business is quite obvious. Silver Bear Lodge is an infant firm that is just beginning to unfold. This is the time when the person who comes first is served first with the best of services ever. For the starting organizations, profits are still not predictable but extremely probable and promising for new resorts in the industry. Another very crucial opportunity to add on this is the exact position of pioneers occupied by the current developers. This is quite rare because very few young firms can manage to dictate the shape,

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