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Payam - Strategic Information Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Payam - Strategic Information Managment - Essay Example Thus, information that goes into the system must be analysed at various levels, according to the task organisation requirements. Therefore, the discussion about the best information system (IS) to be included is critical in order to support the decision-making process (Lucey, 1997). This case study takes an in-depth look at Optical Filters Ltd. (OFL), a company that is attempting to improve its sales order process to better satisfy its customers. In an effort to improve its processes and increase market share, the company has decided to revisit their business objectives (i.e. the way they make decisions), to find new ways of communicating the important information in real-time. 2 Optical Filters and Business Model OFL is a world leader in the design and manufacture of EMI-shielded and contrast-enhancement windows. The company was established in 1988 in the United Kingdom (UK), and has remained a family-owned and operated business. Its proficiency lies in optical expertise and the dry film lamination of plastic and glass filters for displays and enclosures. OFL is based out of Thame, Oxfordshire and is registered to ISO9001:2000 for the design and manufacture of products to enhance displays. The company currently supplies its products to the aerospace, defence, and security industries. OFL employs approximately 40 employees in its UK facilities with a turnover of close to ?6 million per year (Optical Filters, 2010). 2.1 Business Model and Strategic View OFL has been a major supplier of heated glass to 3M and BAE Systems, which have been the company’s two largest customers. The company is involved in a high-variety, low-volume business (Naylor, 2002). Thus, due to the nature of production, OFL must always use skilful assembly operators and engineers to complete sales orders. There are three major objectives OFL focuses on when servicing its customers: Quality products with competitive price On-time delivery Short lead time Strategically, the business has r eported looking forward to increase its market share in both the UK and the United States (US). This goal is the primary reason for establishing effective customer interaction procedures. To make this a reality, the company realizes its image and performance must be changed. OFL must focus on the following two primary objectives of IS development: Improve the information flow across the organisation to create a visibility about sales orders, production capacity and materials management To improve OFL’s reputation, in term of deliveries, quality, and shorter order processing time These objectives are in line with the strategic decision and plans for the next fiscal year. The relationship between the above objectives and the strategy that must be followed in the IS design to support and add value to what they are attempting. 2.2 Business Environment In order for a business to be successful, it is important for the company to always be mindful of the surrounding environment that influences its business. As highlighted by Porter (2003),

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