Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why does the Financial Services industry appeal to you Essay

Why does the Financial Services industry appeal to you - Essay Example This career option will give me the opportunity to enhance my skills, by providing me with challenges every day of the week, where every challenge will be another learning experience. The rewards will reflect my effort that will keep me motivated to do even better, and who in this world does not want to be appreciated for their efforts. The more experienced I become the more reputation I will built up in this industry, where talent is appreciated (Tom Hopkins International, 2010). I will be able to specialize in future according to my interests as the industry provides various opportunities, for example in investment banking, portfolio management, or in the field of insurance. Even though this job provides one with many advantages, one still has to keep the dynamic conditions of the current global market in mind, as this career knows no boundaries, and to us every market is a global market. Though on one hand, as mentioned in The Financial Times, there was a net profitability of 16 p ercent recorded in the UK financial market as a result of the rise in income and volume of some businesses, still there were some cynical views that were noted after the very first time since March 2009. It was the concern of many banks in UK that the new regulations are undermining the growth opportunities, which are expected to lead to a further drop of employment opportunities. This led to a definite raise of concern in the prospective employees’ minds for their job security, especially for those who are aiming for financial services as their career path. On the other hand, CNN Money reported a potential rise of maximum one million and a minimum of 600,000 job opportunities in the United States, if President Obama’s new bill relating to job plans was to pass through congress. This gave a hope to many economists, as well as to many prospective employees, which according to Joel Prakken of Macroeconomics Advisors, was both socially and individually beneficial.

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