Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Science Fiction Project Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Science Fiction Project - Term Paper Example Though, it was difficult to detect them with naked eye, but advanced technological tools made it possible for the governments to know of their presence. Aliens from Jupiter landed on Earth. They were imperceptible, swift in movements, famished for Earth’s deeply hidden mineral resources and liked to breed in isolated locations. Hence, their presence was unobtrusive until the global environment changed drastically towards demotion. 12 year old Clare in her small trailer house began to wonder the change in the weather of Southern Rocky mountains of Colorado. She has always been intrigued by the natural resources of Earth and the spiritual ability of it to produce more and more for the sake of human welfare. She preferred life close to nature and hence, never let go a chance to see and feel the mysterious hidden and ignored beauties on Earth. The feeling of being close to nature gave her powers to feel the indescribable feelings, which left her speechless and full of undeniable strength. Although, she never shared it with anyone, but whenever she came back from mountain hiking trips, ocean swimming voyages, surfing desserts and roving in forests, her connection with nature was beyond description. The strength and connection she felt, the strange myths she heard in the air and the soft melodies of night told her all the secret stories of mysterious Earth. But this time her hiking trip in Colorado was different, she could feel the presence of Earth and someone else. Often, she was distracted and disturbed by the swift passage of heat and air. Earth was telling her something, but she couldn’t comprehend it yet. Moreover, weather was immensely warm despite of the fact that these hills were supposed to be cold due to their tropical climatic attribute. Clare could feel the presence and the change, and the inevitable was not a likable prospect; a coming of danger she sensed at all times. Lately, Umer could see abundance of

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